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Denial of being Asymptomatic

Scabies is highly contagious and can be passed on to others very easily. Getting them and within a short period of time ( first timers 4-6 weeks ) start showing the symptoms. Symptoms include rashes and red bumps that is intensely irritating to the skin. Non stop itching along with pin pricks are felt with this disease. So what about others in your family or circle of friends that have had contact but do not show any symptoms at all? They proudly announce that they do not have the scabies…look I do not have any rashes or red bumps like you. Sounds convincing doesn’t it! Well folks here is the deal on this! Person’s that are Asymptomatic can have no symptoms of having this disease. Very similar to the Typhoid Mary story of long ago. She was a carrier with no symptoms.

This is very problematic for those that have scabies and want to get everyone who has had contact to get treatment at the same time. Often you will hear from them I am not infected and if pressed about the issue they go to the Doctor and then you get confirmation from that source that they do not have Scabies. Very troublesome for those wanting to get eradicated of the parasite as the asymptomatic person keeps giving you the scabies back. To put it another way re-infecting you. We term this a tractionless situation as you are just on the rodent wheel and cannot get off. So you might be asking? What can I do about this! Try to explain in a very very nice way! Heated exchanges get you nothing on this! Pleading might get them to engage in treatment for the scabies and this is a breakthrough method that has been used in the past to get you off the rodent wheel. Bringing up the Typhoid Mary story also might get them connected. As with all good blogs this one has to end as I have a lot of chores to catch up on! If you have additional questions please feel free to hit me back on the comment section