Scabies is a disease that has many times been diagnosised as something else!

Our skin can have eruptions or allergic reactions that mimic many other types of skin conditions. So while we are

talking about that …lets compare Scabies and Poison Ivy! As most of you know you get Poison Ivy from brushing

up against leaves of the plant while walking, gardening or other activities. It has a very nasty affect to our skin.

Thats if you are allergic to it. I have a friend of mine that is not allergic to it. He has many times won dares to roll in the stuff!

Not me…not ever! I am highly allergic to it and so are most of us out there!

So which one is Scabies and which one is Poison Ivy?



How Long Does
Poison Ivy Take to Heal

Poison ivy rash appears after four hours from exposure to the plant or as long
as 10 days, depending upon the sensitivity of the individual to the plant.



The allergic reaction can be triggered by direct contact with any poison ivy plant
part be it the leaf, stem or tendrils as well as indirect contact. The compound
urushiol that is found in the plant is very contagious and as such a person can
get poison ivy rash merely by getting touching objects like gardening tools and
camping equipments that has been contaminated with urushiol.
How long does poison ivy last, depends upon the person’s sensitivity and how
the urushiol is absorbed in the skin. Generally poison ivy rash lasts for a
week or two but in some cases it might take as long as four weeks for the rashes
and inflammation to subside. If by any chance the poison ivy plants are burned
and the smoke gets into the nasal passages and the rash will appear on the
lining of the lungs causing pain and difficulty in breathing. Hope that never happens to anybody.
Since the compound urushiol found in poison ivy plants are very active in
nature, they can remain even after the plant is dead. So a person has to be
extra careful while handling such dead vines as it could possibly cause a
poison ivy rash. Urushiol is extremely difficult to get off as it binds on the
skin within 10 to 20 minutes The poison ivy rash itself is not contagious but
since the affected person feels extremely itchy, it is best to apply calamine
lotion and hydrocortisone cream.

So with Scabies….you can apply lotions and Yes the rash will subside for a short period of time.

Because these types of lotions do not kill scabie mites, you will see a return of the rashes or skin eruptions

very soon again.

OK so here is what you have been waiting for!  Did you guess it right?

Scabies is on the right side of the image and Poison Ivy is on the left side.

They really look alike! Poison Ivy does make your skin blistery and seeps or clear liquid.

Scabies normally does not show that kind of symptom! But it does show this!

Notice the line of red bumps upper part

or the wrist. A tell tale sign is that Scabies leaves as a trail or the proper term is called tracks.

Another difference is you will feel scabies moving on your skin and especially at night.

Whereas, with Poison Ivy you do not have these sensations….just a real bad case of the itch.

In either event, both cases are not any fun and most want to be over it as quickly as possible.

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That it for now… have a good day and stay healthy!


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